SmartBIDI uses Artificial Intelligence to make procurement faster, fairer and more transparent


Up to 80% faster preparation time


All bids scored in the same way


Clear feedback report each time


Significantly cut bid preparation time
Our product DOS Bidder allows you to prepare an outline response to a Digital Marketplace competition in minutes, and a full response in hours. Writing bids – even with the length constraints of DOS – is a lengthy and iterative process which can occupy multiple staff for a number of days.

Using DOS Bidder allows you to fully exploit the hard work done in previous bids, and supports earlier, cheaper decision making.

DOS Bidder can help you to have a draft bid in just ten minutes – try it free for yourself here: smartBIDI DOS Bidder


Make your selection process faster, fairer and more transparent
Using DOS Buyer allows you to look at more bids in the same time, to provide each bid with more comprehensive, useful feedback, and to get to your shortlist more quickly.

By providing instant analysis of every bid, DOS Buyer lets you quickly focus on those which come closest to your requirements. At the same time, the analysis offers an unbiased, clear and reasoned explanation of the scoring proposed.

With an average of 16 bidders for every current procurement, a lot of people are going to be disappointed: with DOS Buyer you can give them more useful and detailed feedback, more quickly.