What’s coming up?

In our next few releases you’ll be able to:

  • Score your answer directly against a question

smartBIDI will look at your proposed answer and give you an indicative score to tell you whether it looks like you’ve answered the question well. A computer score is no guarantee, but if your answer is clear enough for the computer to interpret, it’ll be easier for a human reviewer, too.

  • Manage a shared answers database with colleagues

smartBIDI will allow you to keep your shared answers database online and updated. As you win bids or review your answers, you’ll be able to keep them in one place, ready to use whenever a new competition looks suitable

  • Have DOS Bidder help you improve your answer database

The same logic which can advise you on current bids will be available for previous answers and content. You’ll be able to ask smartBIDI to analyse your existing answer database and to evaluate how well it thinks previous answers match what was asked.

  • Get a daily report on new procurements with an instant ‘go / no go’ suggestion, based on your existing answer base

DOS Bidder will compare your existing answers against the new competition and immediately give you a simple score to tell you how closely your answer base matches what has been asked, and therefore which new competitions you should check out in detail.

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