Get a draft bid – step by step

To start the application, choose ‘Try it free’ at the top of the site, or navigate to

Once open, you should see the page load the currently open competitions on the Digital Marketplace, like this.

Pick one of the competitions by clicking ‘View’ and it will open the competition on the Digital Marketplace.

Click the red ‘save’ button to download a copy of the questions – you’ll need these in a moment.

Now click the yellow ‘prep’ button, or ‘Upload’ at the top of the screen.

This page needs the questions document which you saved earlier, as well as your answer base – a simple database of questions and answers from previous DOS bids. If you don’t have any documents of your own, you can download some example files here:

Once you’ve pressed submit, you’ll see a processing screen. This is smartBIDI looking at your answers database. In a few moments you should see a page like this. The left hand column shows the questions being asked in this tender. “M” means we think it is a ‘managerial’ question, and “T” means we think it is a technical question.

Click on one of the questions and you’ll see the results from your answerbase.

This shows you the top ten matches for each question. Click each of the numbers at the top to see each one – press the +/- button to include or exclude this in your download.

When you’ve looked through each one, press the ‘save’ button to download a report with the answers you’ve selected.