Sample files for smartBIDI DOS Bidder

Example answer base

This is an example of the simplest way to format your answer base. smartBIDI looks for two key columns:
Question is a Digital Marketplace question you’ve previously answered
Answer is the answer you used

Download this file: Example answer base

Example DOS questions

This is a set of DOS questions for a specific tender – you can use this file to see how we get the data from the Digital Marketplace.

Download this file: MHCLG example questions (Word)

Example initial bid

This is a bid put together from the above files. Use this to see how ‘test’ works to score your answers.

Download this file: Example initial bid (Word)

Example answer base for testing your answers

This is the sample answer base, but set up so you can run it through the ‘test’ process, to get indicative scores for all your answers.

Download this file: answer base for score testing (Word)